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V-Learning provide a series of professionally produced DVD based drama sequences supported with comprehensive training materials which provide the tools for innovative and effective programs and workshops.
Rooted in the ethos of bringing the real world into the training environment, V-Learning focuses on the provision of workshop materials for professional trainers, facilitators and in-house training teams. From legal/HR issues to personal and communication skills, the sequences resonate with delegates from all working environments. These real life ‘people story’, scenarios come to life in the workshop environment and provide a platform for debate, role plays and reflection. 
Our materials are adaptable to any length of program and have a proven track record in companies including Airbus, Muller, SSL International (Durex) and many others.
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1. Managing Dignity
The Managing Dignity sequences are relevant to programs beyond workplace harassment, bullying, diversity and equal opportunities. They also provide a basis for workshops related to communication skills, difficult conversations, culture management and change management.
The sequences provide invaluable case studies to explore all aspects of confident people management.
2. Managing Discipline
Our disciplinary sequences and supporting role play and case study materials, provide an interactive and high impact workshop which can be tailored by the facilitator to the needs of the delegates.
Materials allow for a stimulating short workshops on disciplinary management, through to a in-depth program exploring the finer details of good disciplinary management.
3. Managing Performance
Our drama sequences enable the trainer to explore performance management in all its forms, from the basic technical requirements to the subtle mastering of communication skills.
Accompanied by detailed materials providing outline programs and potential role plays emanating from the drama sequences, the trainer can adapt a workshop to be interactive and practical.

Pricing information

Mix and match from the options above.

1 pack = £695.00 plus VAT

2 pack = £1095.00 plus VAT

3 pack = £1295.00 plus VAT

What's in the pack?

Each pack is presented within it's own slipcase and contains a DVD and USB drive containing training materials.

The trainer is provided with:
  • A variety of PowerPoint presentations addressing issues relating to the key themes developed in the drama sequences
  • Legal and HR analysis of each drama sequence
  • Ideas for discussion arising out of the drama sequence,
  • Suggested key learning points
  • Materials to run role plays (where applicable) including Mock Tribunals Disciplinary. Performance management meetings
  • Suggested/sample course outlines/synopsis, ideal for training proposals or internal project communications
  • Optional free legal updates to materials
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